6 KM


Register before April 28th: $25

Register after April 28th: $35

From the start at Bruce’s Parking Area, head down canyon on a rocky trail until you reach the junction for the Brewer’s Trail. Turn right and head uphill through a cool pine forest until you reach the Aspen Grade junction. Turn left, and run down the lovely technical trail back down to the bottom of the canyon. From there frolic through cool pine forests and gorgeous wildflower filled meadows along the rumbling Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River. From there enjoy the mellow grade trail back to where you started. This is a great race for anyone just starting out running and are looking for a fun and interesting challenge.

6 KM Water Station

Water will be available at the Sinks Canyon Campground if needed. Keep on trucking for 1 more mile until the finish!

See an interactive 6 KM map here

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