50 KM


Register Before March 31st: $70

Register On/After March 31st: $80



***This is a cupless race. Therefore, all 50k racers must carry a bottle or cup in some fashion.***

The 50K course is a legit mountain run. If you like to play hard in the mountains this is the run for you. Here is the route:

Start: Bruce’s parking lot enjoy the wildflowers of the mellow Sinks Canyon/River Trail until you get to the Sinks Canyon Campground. From there, cross the highway to a Climber’s trail and enjoy the steep single-track climb to the top of Fairfield ridge. From the ridge, you’ll do a steep and technical drop down to Sheep Creek and up another two-track through a sea of wildflowers to the Timbertop Mountain. Turn left, and begin the ascent to Fairfield Hill. Enjoy the panorama of the Wind River Mountains in front of you as you traverse the ridge on two track to Fairfield saddle. If you’re feeling groovy jump off the trail and quick bag the peak, the view is awesome.

Fairfield Aid Station (Mile 7.5) Meet our lovely volunteers at your first aid station. Tuck and roll off the Fairfiled saddle and head downhill back towards Sinks Canyon. After scooting around some mud on the road, don’t miss the right turn onto some fun single track back down to the bottom of Sinks Canyon (this is what we call the “truck trail”). You will parallel the two-track for a short while until you reach a parking area near the bottom of the canyon. Take a hard right and follow the flagging through a grassy and faint trail behind the horse stables. This is eventually take you back to Sinks Canyon Road where you will run on the side for about 1/4 mile. Stay on the right side as your aid station will be just ahead at the Bruce’s Picnic area.

Bruce’s Picnic Aid Station (Mile 12): Turn right into the picnic area for your second aid station.  Continue through the picnic area and meet up with the Middle Fork trail. Head up the rocky and beautiful single track for about 5.5 miles along Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River. Hang a left, cross Sheep’s Bridge, and make the ascent to Worthen Meadows Reservoir. This section is fairly exposed and can become hot. Make sure you have enough water or carry water treatment with you.

Worthen Meadows Aid Station (Mile 20): Be sure to follow signage and go all of the way to the aid station, which will be located at the trailhead. You will go past the trail 1/10 mile, but you must check into the aid station before getting onto the Brewer’s Trail. After checking in and receiving aid, go back up the Worthen Meadows trail 1/10 mile until you reach the the new Brewer’s Extension trail. You will run 5 miles along Worthen Reservoir, thick forest, open meadows, and Fry Lake until you reach Fossil Hill.

Fossil Hill Aid Station (Mile 25): Once the trail opens up, you will get a lovely view of Fossil Hill. The Trail will meet up with Louise Lake Rd (The Loop Rd.). Cross the road and head into the Fossil Hill parking area to receive aid. Take the single track out of the parking area (next to the bathroom). When the single track meets up with the two-track and cattle guard, cross the road and hop onto the Brewer’s Trail to begin your traverse around Fossil Hill through wildflower heaven. Continue down the Brewer’s Trail to the bottom of the canyon and back to Bruce’s Parking Area for the finish.

50KM Aid Stations

Volunteers will be available at each aid station to assist you with your race. It is required to check in at each aid station with the volunteers. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Below is the list of fueling options available at each of the aid stations (except Fairfield, mile 6). Remember, we will provide the fuel, you will provide the cup! If other options are wanted, please plan on packing them with you or leaving them in your drop bag. Several locations have drop bags available. Drops bags need to be set at the designated location at the starting area prior to the start of the race. Please clearly mark your drop bags with your name, aid station location, and race bib number.

Estimated cutoff times have been calculated for each aid station based on a 10 hour total cutoff time and elevation gain/loss. These times will not be strictly enforced, but are set to help guide you through the race to ensure you finish in 10 hours or less. If you go through the aid station past the estimated cut off time, please have a conversation with yourself, crew members, aid station volunteers, and race directors to make a decision about continuing the race.

Food and drink available at aid stations #2-4:

  • Water and Ice
  • Spring Energy Gels
  • Spring Energy Electrolyte Drink Mix
  • M&M’s
  • Fritos
  • Granola Bars
  • Bananas

#1 Fairfield Saddle (mile 7.5): 

No Cutoff Time

  • Spring Energy Gels and Water only
  • No drop bag
  • No Crew
  • No Toilet

#2 Bruce’s Picnic Area (mile 12): 

Cut off: 9:45am

  • Drop bag
  • Crew Access
  • Pit Toilets
  • Directions to Bruce’s: Across the street from Bruce’s Parking Area

#3 Worthen Meadows Trailhead (mile 20):

Cutoff: 11:45 am

  • Drop bag
  • Crew Access
  • Pit Toilet
  • Directions from Fossil Hill Parking Lot: Exit Fossil Hill parking area and continue up (west) Louis Lake Road. Continue for 2.5 miles. Check out the beautiful view of Wind River Peak on your way. Turn right onto Forest Service Rd 302 for 2.5 miles of a bumpy ride. You will pass the entrance for Worthen Meadows Campground, however, continue straight for 1/4 mile until you approach the parking areas. The aid station will be set up on the right side. Runners will be running down the same road and this is a popular recreational area. Drive carefully as the road can become narrow with sharp turns. Runner’s will be finishing the race down the Sheep’s Bridge Trail.

#4 Fossil Hill Parking Lot (mile 25):

Cutoff: 1:45 pm

  • Drop bag
  • Crew Access
  • Pit Toilet
  • Directions from Start: Head up the canyon switch backs (west) on Louis Lake Road (aka Loop Road). You will drive up several switch backs for 4.5 miles until you reach the parking area at the base of Fossil Hill. The aid station will be set up in the parking area.

50K Course Map and Elevation Profile

See an interactive 50K map here.

Updated 50km Course Map (10/28/2018)